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buying faqs title

The following are Frequently Asked Questions concerning bidding/buying on Please search here for answers to your questions first before contacting Customer Service. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you may contact Customer Service.

  1. Can I bid on an item before becoming a member?
  2. No, you must become a member prior to placing a bid. To become a member, please go to our Registration page.

  3. Do you share my personal information with other members?
  4. The only information that is shared is your userid and your email address, and your email address is only shared when you win a bid so that the seller can contact you. We take privacy very seriously, especially due to the nature of the items for sale on this site.

  5. Am I supposed to get a confirmation email?
  6. Yes, you do receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive it, and you provided a valid email address (sometimes people make typos!), then it's possible your ISP has blocked it. It's possible that your anti-spam filter has blocked it. It's possible that your email requires validation by a human. It's possible you received it and if you get a lot of email, you may have accidentally deleted it. NOTE: You do not need to respond to the confirmation email. Once you complete the Registration form, you are officially a member!

  7. Is there a way for me to keep track of my bidding activity?
  8. Yes, you will do this on the My Account page.

  9. Am I buying from real people?
  10. Welcome to the Internet! Seriously, though, in any online community there is ample opportunity for fraud and misrepresentation. We'd like to think that the vast majority of sellers here are real people. There are some precautions you can take. First, check out the feedback from other buyers. Second, look at the current auctions and see if they make sense, if the photos within look "real", etc. You can also check with to see if the same photo is used in many other places. Above all, be careful.

  11. What happens if I buy something and I'm not happy with it?
  12. Most times, due to the intimate nature of the items being sold and sometimes a limited "shelf life", sellers will NOT accept returns. That's the nature of this type of website. You can always ask, but, for the most part, you'll find that once you buy something, you're stuck with it.

  13. What happens if I buy something and it never shows up?
  14. Often times sellers will put tracking on the items that they ship, so get in touch with the seller and ask for them to track the package or supply you with tracking information. This is something that you need to work out with the Seller.

  15. What do I do if I forgot my password?
  16. This site has a password retrieval option.

  17. How do I contact the person that I bought from?
  18. You can go into the MyAccount section and use FetMail, our internal mail system. Generally, once you buy, the Seller will contact you first. You'll also receive an email once the auction ends with their contact information.

  19. How do I pay the seller?
  20. The Seller will provide payment terms in their auction listing. If for some reason there are no payment terms, you may want to contact them first to make sure you have access to and a comfort level with their methods of accepting payment.

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