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selling faqs title

The following are Frequently Asked Questions concerning selling on Please search here for answers to your questions first before contacting Customer Service. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you may contact Customer Service.

  1. What are the fees to sell items on
  2. There are fees to list your item(s) for sale, and there are fees when your item sells. Please go to our Auction Fees page to see all information related to auction fees.

  3. Are some items prohibited to sell on
  4. Yes, a number of items are prohibited from being sold at this site, either for safety reasons and/or to comply with laws and regulations. Selling Rules has the Prohibited Items list available for your review.

  5. Do I have to pay a photo hosting services?
  6. With, you do not need a separate photo hosting service. When you list an item for sale, you may upload your photos directly to our servers at that time. You are allowed 5 FREE photos per auction. Additional photos incur a small listing fee.

  7. How do I get paid when an items sells?
  8. When an item sells, you must make arrangements on your own to collect payment from the buyer(s). There are a number of different ways you can do this, from simple ones like GiftRocket to more complex solutions like accepting credit cards. does NOT get involved in any transactions between the buyer and the seller.

  9. Must I be a member to sell on
  10. Yes. In order to keep this as an adult-oriented site, you must be at least 18 years of age to enter the site and sell online. To prove this, we need everyone to become a member.

  11. Where do I go to create an auction?
  12. If you are a member, you can List An Item which is found under the Selling tab, among other places.

  13. How many photos can I have for each auction? Can I add more later?
  14. There is a limit of 50 photos per auction. The first five photos are included with the initial auction fee. Additional photos incur a small fee.

  15. Do you share my personal information with buyers?
  16. The only information that a successful bidder will receive is your online username and your email address so that they can contact you and make payment arrangements. Potential buyers can also contact you to ask questions. We suggest that you do NOT share personal information with buyers for safety reasons.

  17. How do I manage my auctions?
  18. We have an auction management system. Log in, click My Account and you'll find everything you need.

  19. How does EndIt Now work?
  20. As a seller, you might have a certain dollar value in mind for which you'd be willing to sell your product (or service), but, you might also want to start the bidding out lower to attract attention to the auction. You can set an EndIt Now price. If someone bids using EndIt Now, that means that they are willing to pay your listed price, and as such, the auction immediately ends with that bidder winning, regardless of whether there were other lesser bids.

  21. Featured auctions are cool! How does that work?
  22. When you list an auction, you have the option to "feature" that auction. If you select Category Featured, it will appear at the top of the listings for the category you selected. If you select Site Featured, it will appear at the top of the listings on the home page of the website.

  23. I don't want people in my state to bid on my auctions. Can I restrict my auctions?
  24. Yes. You can choose to block your auctions from being seen by anyone registered within a specific state. You do this on the Block User Communication page within My Account.

  25. Can I cancel someone's bid?
  26. Yes, you can, unless it is a dutch auction. You cannot cancel a dutch auction because it is an immediate sale. Same thing with EndIt Now. To cancel a bid, go to your auction manager and you'll find the link.

  27. Can I ban a member from bidding on my auctions?
  28. Yes. To ban a member, go into MyAccount, then click on Block User Communication. You'll need that member's account name.

  29. I didn't get paid for my auction. What should I do?
  30. Sometimes bidders have extraordinary circumstances. Perhaps they did not get your initial email. If you have an alternative email address that you can send from, try that. Try sending them an internal FetMail message through our system. Give it a little time. Most people aren't deadbeat, rather, they go out-of-town (or country) unexpectedly and forget that they have bids.

  31. I shipped the product but it wasn't received. What should I do?
  32. If you put tracking on the shipment, track it and figure out what happened. Perhaps it was delivered to a wrong address, or it is coming back to you marked as undeliverable. If you did not put tracking on it, well, that's bad news for you because you have no proof that you shipped it AND the buyer, who has already paid for it, didn't get it. That means you owe them a refund, or, perhaps you can negotiate to send them another item.

  33. How do I pay for listing my auctions?
  34. We will charge your credit card that is on-file with us for your accumulated fees.

  35. My item didn't sell. What do I do now?
  36. You can relist your item for sale. This is a very easy process, especially if you do not need to change any part of the listing. Even if you do need to make changes, you'll find our re-listing option very easy.

  37. My auction is missing. Was it cancelled?
  38. Probably not. If you just listed it, it sometimes takes a few minutes for our system to post the auction, so check back in a while. However, if you had a listing and it is now gone, could it be that someone paid via EndIt Now? If so, that would take it out of the active listings. You should be able to find it in My Account. Finally, if you cannot find it, and it violated our policy, then yes, we would cancel it, but we would also send you notice via FetMail, our internal communication system.

  39. How do I contact the buyer(s)?
  40. You can use our internal communications system, FetMail, to send them a message, or you can send them an email.

  41. How do I collect payment from the buyer(s)?
  42. You put the type of payments that you are willing to accept in your auction. When you contact the winner, let him/her know how much the total is, including shipping.

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