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selling rules title

The following are rules and regulations that apply to selling on this website. By placing an item up for auction, you implicitly agree to follow and obey these rules. Failure to comply will have consequences. These rules were last updated on April 6, 2016. You should check back here often to find the latest rules. They may be updated at any time and without notice.

Prohibited Items

The following items cannot be sold through this website. If you attempt to sell these items, your auction will be cancelled, you will NOT receive any refunds for that auction, and you will receive a warning (except for child porn, for which there will be no warning, and authorities will be contacted on your behalf). A second offense will result in your account being terminated. Note that this section may be updated at any time, and it is your responsibility to check here first BEFORE listing an auction.

Alcohol: You may not sell alcohol in any form.

Animals: You may not sell live or dead animals, nor animal parts.

Bestiality: You may not sell videos, photos or other items depicting bestiality.

Cigarettes/Tobacco Products: You may not sell tobacco in any form, nor any "vape" products.

Illegal Drugs: You may not sell marijuana (medical or not) regardless if it is legal in your state, any other illegal drug, any prescription drug, nor any medication that is banned in the United States.

Weapons/Explosives/Fireworks: You may not sell any type of projectile or non-projectile weapon, including knives, clubs, etc., nor any product that is explosive and/or corrosive in nature, nor any type of fireworks.

Child Porn: You may not sell any item that suggests, implies or otherwise exploits a minor child (under the age of 18). Zero tolerance. Break this rule and your account will be terminated and your contact information will be forwarded to the authorities.

Prostitution: You may not list any auction where the "product" is actual sex in person. For example, you cannot list an auction and say "winning bidder receives oral sex from me." You can, however, auction off phone sex or video sex or other legal means of communication. You simply cannot list an auction where the buyer ends up meeting the seller.

Direct Sales: You cannot list an auction that is designed to skirt this auction site's fees.

Lottery/Gambling: You cannot list an auction that is for a lottery ticket or other lottery/raffle type. You cannot list anything of this nature that is regulated by a state or federal agency.

Locality Laws: You cannot list an auction that violates the locality (town, village, city, state, country, etc.) in which you reside.

Fraudulent Activities

You may not engage in any selling activities that unfairly attempt to avoid paying proper auction fees. For example, you list a DVD for sale for $1.00 via EndIt Now, and then list shipping charges of $19.00. Since we do not charge auction fees on shipping, this would be an obvious attempt to skirt paying proper auction fees.

Report Violations

If you suspect that a member is engaging in operations that are contrary to the rules and regulations listed above, you may contact us and report said activity. While we cannot disclose the results of our investigation (unless they affect you directly through a specific transaction), rest assured that we do look into any and all reports and will take action if needed.

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