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Selling FAQs

Search for answers to questions about selling on Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for those answers.

Selling Rules

There are a few rules you need to understand when you are listing/selling here on By placing an item for sale, you are tacitly agreeing to these rules. Find out what rules you need to know before placing any items for sale here.

List an Item

If you are a member, this is where you'll go to List an Item for sale.

Auction Fees

There are fees associated with this website. Here is where you, as a seller, can find all of the fee information in one place.

Non-Paying Bidders

Here's where you go to find out what actions you can take against a non-paying bidder.

Ban Bidders

If you have had a bad transaction with a buyer, you can prevent them from partaking in your auctions in the future.

Prohibited Items

There are some products and services that simply have no place on this website. Here's the definitive list.

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